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9 Timeless Colour Combinations to Try, According to Your Style

9 Timeless Colour Combinations to Try, According to Your Style

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 8th Jan 2024

In the world of interior design, colours are the brushstrokes that paint the canvas of your space. From the eclectic and bohemian to mid-century modern or coastal, each style tells a unique story. Let’s explore 9 timeless colour combinations to infuse your home with personality and charm.

1. Warm Hues: Eclectic Elegance

Infuse a sense of eclecticism with warm hues. Start by dressing your bed in warm shades - our Vintage Softwash Brulee quilt cover set pairs perfectly with a combination of Vintage Softwash sheets in oatmeal and white. Layering textures brings a sense of sophistication and charm. Create vibrancy with accessories - contrasting throw pillows, mixed nightstand accessories and an assortment of artwork in colours that complement the decor.

Vintage Softwash cotton sheet set and quilt cover set 

2. Oatmeal: Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern is all about natural desert hues. A casually made bed featuring our Vintage Softwash Oatmeal quilt cover set and crisp white sheets is effortlessly timeless. Keep your accessories minimal and chic, furniture with clean lines, introduce limited texture with an Alla Turca throw in sage green, some simple geometrics and add a statement mid-century lamp or chair to tie the room together.

3. Forest Greens: Contemporary Tranquility

Achieve an almost hotel-like tranquillity in your space with gentle forest greens. A perfectly styled bed with a Vintage Softwash green melange sheet set and Vintage Softwash Oatmeal quilt cover set is the centre point of your space. Add accessories in soft timbers or whitewashes, a scented candle and some greenery to complete the look.

4. Ocean Shades: Coastal Cool

Dive into a coastal oasis with oceanic tones. Ocean shades in your quilt cover, matched back with simple white sheets. Bring the beach decor indoors with a touch of nautical-themed wall art, light-toned furniture and seashell or driftwood accessories for a breezy, seaside feel.

5. Breezy Blues: Nautical Elegance

Embrace nautical elegance with breezy blues. The texture of the waffle blanket elevates this space and makes it more modern than rustic. Incorporate stripes for a more preppy look, try a striped area rug, throw pillows or curtains to evoke a more sophisticated version of coastal cool.

6. Grey Stripe: Rustic Refinement

Achieve rustic refinement with grey stripes. A dark grey quilt cover with tonal light grey sheets is the perfect base for this cottage-chic vibe. Introduce rustic elements with weathered wood furniture and exposed brick or stone walls. Use earthy tones in decor, maybe a bookshelf of your favourite well-worn books, and consider soft, ambient light (vintage bedside lamps perhaps) to enhance the cosy atmosphere.

7. Charcoal: Modern Chic

Make a bold statement with a dark quilt set and crisp white sheets. Keep this yin and yang balance throughout your space by combining modern and traditional elements, mixing materials like glass and metal with wood and thoughtfully selecting accessories that complement the minimalist approach - some modern art in a natural wooden frame, or a contemporary chair with a luxurious woollen blanket.

8. Moss Greens: Bohemian Bliss

Create a bohemian haven with moss greens. Imagine a Lustro Moss quilt cover paired with clean white sheets. Embrace the bohemian spirit by layering textures - cushions, a cosy throw blanket and eclectic wall art. Introduce plants for a fresh, natural touch.

9. Soft Blues: Scandi Serenity

Achieve that perfect balance of function and serenity with a oatmeal quilt cover and soft blue sheets. Keep furniture simple and minimalist, with natural elements like wooden accents and an abundance of natural light. When winter rolls around, embrace the hygge with cosy blankets and textured rugs for warmth and that quintessential Scandinavian feel.

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