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Hot Sleepers’ Summer Survival Guide

Hot Sleepers’ Summer Survival Guide

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 3rd Nov 2023

If you’re someone who has trouble sleeping when the mercury rises, here are our *coolest* tips for surviving the warmer months…

Lighten up and go au natural

Before you panic – we’re suggesting stripping off your bed, not yourself! Light, breathable fabrics in natural fibres that help regulate your temperature are a must-have for long summer sleep-ins. 

Try our Vintage Softwash bedding, the lightweight 100% cotton will help your skin breathe when the weather gets warmer. Our Lustro range is made of bamboo, which is moisture-wicking, silky smooth and keeps you cool all night long.

If just sheets don’t do it for you and you need a little extra weight to drift off to sleep, our Alessia Bamboo Summer Quilts are all about breathable softness that comforts without *too much* weight for warmer nights.

Airy layers can also help here, adding a lightweight coverlet or easy-breezy Alla Turca throw to your summer bedding can make your bed’s dressing feel complete in the warmer months without a heavy quilt. Plus, you can add or subtract as your body temp requires!

Don’t sweat your PJ choice

Our Alessia Bamboo-Cotton pyjamas are so cool and gentle against your skin that they’ll keep you coming back for more. These beauties regulate your body temperature to keep you feeling right throughout the night, even when the weather shifts.

Switch up your pillow

Flipping your pillow to the cooler side is so retro. Try tapping into the power of our Cooling Gel Top Memory Foam pillow. This beauty not only keeps you cool, calm and collected, it also supports your neck and head for sweeter dreams.

📸 By @thewhiteshome featuring cooling gel top memory foam pillow

And switch off your electronics

While they don’t radiate as much energy as the sun, your devices are not conducive to a better night’s sleep. We know it’s not always practical to unplug your phone before bed, but you can make sure your laptop and larger electronic equipment are switched off to help your mind and body switch off to sleep.

Bonus tip: the blue light emitted from screens can halt melatonin production, making it even harder to sleep – so try reading a physical book before bed instead of your phone.

Cool down from the bottom up

Ever wondered why it feels so good to stick one foot out from under the covers when you’re overheating? Well, there’s actually science behind it (don’t you feel like a genius now?). Your feet regulate your temperature, so to really amp up their cooling power, try filling your hot water bottle, freezing it and keeping it by your feet at night!

Got questions on summer living? Be sure to ask us over @Canningvalelove on Instagram.

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