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How Often You Should Change Your Bedding and Towels

How Often You Should Change Your Bedding and Towels

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 6th Dec 2023

These home essentials are everyday staples and sometimes, it can be easy to forget that even staples need a little TLC now and then. When was the last time you changed your pillows, quilts and towels? If you can’t remember, then it might be time to hit refresh!


Looking for a cheat sheet to help you keep your sheets sweet?

When to hit refresh: Wash every 1–2 weeks
Once a week is best, but if you have allergies, get red-hot at night, or sleep with your furry friends in the bed, pop them in the wash every few days.

When to break up:
All our products have a 5-year warranty, but if your sheets run their course after this time frame, you can always think about upcycling!

We recommend:

  • Vintage Softwash: if you like a vintage finish and a soft touch
  • Alessia Bamboo Cotton: if you want a sheet set that’s temperature regulating (perfect for cold and hot sleepers)
  • Lustro: if you like a silky-soft touch that's totally indulgent
  • Palazzo: if you love a luxe hotel vibe (without the hefty price tag!)



📸 Featuring Canningvale Pillows

Searching for a relationship that won't become a pain in the neck? Since your relationship with your pillow is one of the most supportive ones in your life, you need to ensure it's meeting all your needs.

When to break-up: Every 2 years
You need to have a healthy relationship with your pillow. Getting mixed up with the wrong one can lead to a whole lot of pain, so make sure you replace it every 2 years.

We recommend: 


Money can't buy love, but it can buy 5-star comfort. Our top tip – invest in not one, but two good quality quilts. One for summer and one for winter. Regulating your sleeping temperature is one of the easiest ways to guarantee your beauty sleep.

When to break-up: Every 10-15 years

We recommend:

📸 Featuring Canningvale Quilts


📸 By @hausandvogue featuring Luxury Cotton Mattress Protector 

The easiest way to maximise the life of your mattress is to invest in a protector. Keeping your biggest bedding investment safe from any night-time nasties is the life’s mission of the mattress protector (plus, they’re much easier and cheaper to wash or replace than a mattress).

When to hit refresh: Wash every 2 months

We recommend:

Bath Towels & Sheets

Ready to take the plunge with a new love? If you're looking to step out (of the shower) in style, make sure you're treating your towels right.

When to hit refresh: Wash every 2 weeks
To keep your skin healthy and clean, you need to dry off with a fresh towel. If you have allergies or skin conditions, you'll want to wash them a little more.

When to break up:
If you invest in your relationship, our Canningvale towels should last five years or more!

And make sure you say no to open relationships - never share your towel.

And when you’re ready to part ways – your local animal shelter will be eternally grateful for your used (clean!) towels.

We recommend:

📸 by featuring Royal Splendour Towels

Tea Towels

Looking for a love that not only loves helping out in the kitchen, but hangs around just to do the dishes? Your tea towels are the ultimate cooking companion, so you need to keep them in tip top shape.

When to hit refresh: Wash every 1–2 weeks

We recommend:

Ready to start life with a new love? Share your picks with us @Canningvalelove

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