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Layering your summer bed

Layering your summer bed

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 12th Jan 2022

Searching for the perfect summer romance under the covers? 🛏

The secret to dressing a bed right is, well, just like getting dressed 👗

Check out our top tips for creating the summer bed of your dreams ☁

Layer 1: Mattress and pillow protectors

Protectors are the underwear of the bedding world 🩲

They keep our night-time exploits sanitary (although we can’t guarantee they’ll keep your dreams clean 😉).

Do you get especially hot and bothered in the warmer months? 🌞

No sweat pillow and mattress protectors will be your knights in shining armour 🛡

These gallant knights stand guard over your bedding, leaving you free to focus on your dreams ✨

📸  by @thewhiteshome_ featuring our pillow and mattress protectors

Layer 2: Sweet summer sheets

📸  by @thewhitelitteedit featurring our Lustro Quilt Cover Set

Think of the fitted sheet as your skinny jeans 👖 and the flat sheet as your favourite t-shirt 👕 👚

You need the right fabric to keep you cool in summer, so choosing lightweight sheets will make your dreams so much sweeter 🍭


Bamboo is an eco-warrior with heart 🌱  

Not only is bamboo silky-soft, it’s also a sustainable fabric.

Best features:

  • Light
  • Breathable
  • Super-cool touch
  • Silky-soft fabric
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, so is the perfect match if you’re a little sensitive

We have 100% Bamboo or a Bamboo-Cotton blend for those who want the best of both worlds 🌏

📸  by featuring our Alessia Quilt Cover Set

📸  by featuring our Sateen bedding


You’ll have bedroom eyes for these silky-soft sateen stunners 💖

Best features:

  • Light
  • Breathable
  • Silky-soft fabric
  • Dream sheen that lights up any room


Spun in a percale weave, these babies can handle a lot of heat – meaning they are perfect for keeping you cool all summer long 🧵

Best features:

  • Vintage finish
  • Get softer with every wash
  • Breathable

📸  by @mystylemyloves featuring our Vintage Softwash bedding

Layer 3: Throw on a light blanket, bed throw or doona

These lovelies are your summer jacket 🧥

Can’t decide which fits you best? You can mix and match.

Fold 1, 2, or all 3 at the bottom of your bed, and pull on the one you need depending on what the weather is like that night.

For the perfect summer combo, we recommend our:

Have you dressed your bed in its summer best? Show us over @Canningvalelove

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