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How To Prepare Your Bed For Summer

How To Prepare Your Bed For Summer

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 26th Nov 2020

We tend to underestimate how our body’s temperature affects how we sleep. Avoid the restlessness of hot summer nights by changing over your bedding and bed linen.

1. Protect the Bed

Along with hot nights comes sweat. Sweat is a killer for bedding because it creates yellow stains that are tough to remove once set in. If you use waterproof protectors you’ll increase the lifespan of your mattress and pillows. It’s easier to wash your protectors than it is to try and wash a pillow or mattress.

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2. Lighten up on the Sheets

Those thick, luxurious 1000 Thread Count sheets definitely have a place in your linen cupboard, but it’s best to swap them for something lighter during summer. Sheets made from natural fibres like cotton, bamboo and linen are good for summer months as they breathe better than synthetic or polyester options. Try Bamboo Cotton blend or Vintage Softwash Cotton.

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3. Choose a Summer Weight Quilt

A lightweight wool quilt is a great option for summer. Wool is thermo regulating, which means it traps and releases heat as required. Cotton fill quilts will also do the trick, and are a good lightweight option. Feather, down and polyester quilts, tend to trap heat, best to pack them away until next winter.

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4. Layer a Blanket

When it’s too hot for a quilt, use a lightweight cotton blanket and flat sheet instead. This is the best option if you like the feeling of having something over you while you sleep, without getting too hot.

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5. Consider Colours

White linens absorb less heat than darker hues, this is good to remember if your bedroom gets full sun during the day. If you don’t like white, choose light neutrals or greys over dark colours to ensure your room has a fresh summery feel.

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