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Plain vs Pattern: Which Do You Prefer?

Plain vs Pattern: Which Do You Prefer?

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 29th Jan 2021

How do you express your personal style when choosing sheets and quilt covers for your bedroom? Do you prefer classy and neutral, lively and colourful, or a bit of both? Whatever your style, we’ve got some examples and tips to inspire you.


Plain bedsheets and quilt covers lend a clean, crisp feel to your bedroom.

Plain Bedrpoom

White or pastel-coloured linen is the perfect canvas, to which you can add accessories and personal touches.

Colourful Bedroom

Light coloured bed linen can make your space look brighter and more spacious, perfect for smaller bedrooms. Just remember to put on a little colour to add depth to the look.

Vintage Softwash Cotton White Bed Linen


If you want to bring life and personality to your bedroom, introduce some patterns. Florals and stripes, either on their own or combined, definitely make a statement.

Modella Designer Bed Linen Lani

If you’re unsure about where to start, try choosing colours that appeal to you. Are you drawn to floral prints, do you prefer stripes and waves, or do you like a classic hotel vibe?

Classico Hotel 100% Bed Linen

If you’re bold and daring enough to play with pattern on pattern, remember to pick prints that match each other, either through a shared colour or shape. For instance, florals and stripes can fit well together if they’re from the same colour family. Stripes and chevrons of any colour will also work well.

Modella Designer 100% Cotton Bed Linen Remo

Modella Designer 100% Cotton Bed Linen Ornella

Floral Bed Linen

Whatever quilt cover and bed sheet design you pick for your bedroom, choose something that’s not only beautiful but comfortable and stylish. Head to Canningvale’s bedroom section and discover plain and patterned bed linen that you’ll find hard to resist.

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Vintage Softwash 100% Cotton Bed Linen

Modella Designer 100% Cotton Bed Linen

Classico Hotel 100% Cotton Bed Linen


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