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Should You Upsize Your Bed?

Should You Upsize Your Bed?

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 27th Oct 2020

There are several things to consider when it comes to making your bed more comfortable for a great night sleep. A quick round up would include looking into your needs, the materials used for mattress, pillows, sheets and quilts, the bedding’s features and then last but not the least important, there’s the size of your bed.

With different sizes to choose from, how should you go about picking the best fit for you? Is bigger the better choice or should you go for just the right fit to save space and money? Whether you're considering upsizing your bed or planning to have a bedroom makeover, we've listed down some things to think through regarding getting a bigger bed.

Avoid partner disturbance

If you're sleeping with a partner, a kid or even your furry friend, you've probably experienced some disturbance. In fact, it said that this is one of the key contributors to sleep deprivation. How? Well, on average, a person tosses and turns around 60 to 70 times per night. Each toss and turn can easily disrupt your sleep especially if your mattress does not support even distribution of weight. Now imagine, being disturbed that much in a single night. Not to mention, there are other problems that could affect your beauty sleep such as snoring and coughing. Tough, right?

While a double-sized bed may be enough to cover both you and your partner, you may want to upsize to queen, king or even super king. That way, there would be enough room for both of you and you can avoid partner disturbance. You also no longer have to be stiff while sleeping since there's no need to worry that you might disturb your partner with each toss and turn. You can even stretch out however you want to, whenever you want to.

Bonus tip: choose a mattress that has a base and support layers designed to ensure even distribution of weight so you don't have to be bothered by each toss and turns anymore.

Give enough room for your growing kid

As children age, they grow in height and even weight and sadly, their beds don’t. In the span of a few years, your kids could easily outgrow their bed and they might have to sleep in a specific angle just to fit in the bed. And so, it is recommended that you consider upsizing your children's bed. From single, upgrade it to king single, double or even queen to king-sized to ensure that your child has the best sleep environment they need to rest and in turn, grow.

But aside from giving your child the best sleep environment, isn’t it an important and exciting milestone to upsize your kid’s bed? Your little boy or girl is growing and the bed that used to perfectly fit him or her is a testament to that. You might even want to take a few snaps of this significant transition!

Get additional space if you’re expecting

If you're expecting a new baby, the need to have a great night sleep can't be overemphasised. After all, you would need just the right amount of energy to support both you and your baby. 

However, getting a good sleep can be tough especially with all the tossing and turning that are commonly experienced during the first and third trimesters. Using pillows and sleeping on your side with bended knees are recommended to ease the discomfort. But more than that, you could also use some extra room in your bed especially once that baby bump starts to grow. Consider going for a queen-sized bed to bigger ones for more space. Then, try sleeping with separate bed linen with your partner to further allow some breathing space between both of you if you’re sleeping with one.

Level up the style without changing your bed

Upsizing your bed doesn't necessarily mean having to buy a new mattress. Sometimes, you just have to buy bigger quilts and sheets to avoid tug of war at night or give your bed a great amount of drape for a more stylish look. If you currently own a Queen or King size bed and wish you could have a larger quilt, consider a Super King Quilt. Compared to a King, a Super King doona, gives you an extra 30cm on the side and at the end.

Upsize the comfort

We spend one-third of our lives in our beds and it makes sense that you need to be comfortable as much as possible. When considering the size of your bed, evaluate what type of sleeper you are and what your needs are. Do you move around much and love to stretch in your sleep? Then definitely go for bigger ones for an extra layer of comfort.

Ready to upsize your bed for maximum comfort? Head over to our bedroom page and discover luxurious bedding in different sizes and styles.

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