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Night Time Beauty Routine For Looking Your Best

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 20th Sep 2017

Are you getting your beauty sleep? While a solid eight hours of shut-eye really is the best remedy for looking and feeling good, there are a bunch of tips, tricks and products you can use to help your body work through its restorative processes. Give these a try and roll out of bed looking fabulous.

Sleep in silk

Silk pillowcases do wonders for your skin and hair. They’re naturally hypoallergenic, contain anti-ageing amino acids that can replenish damaged hair and tired skin, and are ultra-low friction, minimising the likelihood you’ll wake up with frizzy, tangled bed hair. Our silk pillowcases have the added benefit of an anti-slip design, meaning even the most active tosser and turner will get a great night’s sleep.

Always wipe the day off

We know it can be tempting to skip the face wipe and slip straight into bed after a long day or big night but you won’t be doing your skin (or your bed linen) any favours. If you leave it on, your pores are more likely to become clogged, interrupting your skin’s renewal process and causing all the things you’d rather avoid like dullness, redness and pimples.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Your skin renews itself most effectively while you sleep, thanks to the lack of environmental aggressors like UV rays, smoke and pollution. Give it a helping hand by investing in a good quality moisturiser. Opt for a cream enriched with Vitamin A or E for your body and when it comes to your face, look out for creams that contain hyaluronic acid and AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) for the best hydrating and age-defying effects.

Treat pesky pimples

Remember when you were 17 and thought you’d never see a pimple again once you left high school? Ah, youth. The good news is you can treat pimples while you sleep, opting for the natural remedy of a drop of tea tree oil right in the spot’s centre or taking the medical approach and applying a medicated cream from the chemist. Wake up, wash off, and admire your skin’s overnight achievements.

Pamper your peepers

Eye creams and night times are a match made in heaven. To give yours a little boost, store your eye cr

Help your hair

There are lots of ways you can tend to your locks while you sleep, from leave-in conditioners and serums to clever styling tricks. It’s best to talk to your hairdresser for customised advice on products but we can happily give you the low down on sleep-styling. Put damp hair up into a bun overnight for next-day waves; create texture with braids before bed and a little spritz of dry shampoo or salt spray after you take them out in the morning; or use this clever headband wrap technique for structured curls. However, if you hair is dry and brittle avoid using the hairdryer everyday and instead use a microfibre hair towel. Those towels are designed to absorb moist faster without leaving them frizzy and lifeless.  These little tricks will save you time and also give your hair a break from the damaging heat of hairdryers and other styling tools: we call that a win-win.

Care for your cuticles

Hydrating hand masks are now a thing and, despite feeling a little strange the first time you try them, they offer great results. They’re essentially gloves packed with lots of nutrients for your hands and nails: slip them on, go to sleep and wake up with happy, healthy phalanges. If this idea doesn’t appeal, try rubbing some coconut oil into your cuticles at bed time for similar results.

Whiten teeth

Most teeth whitening products stipulate you mustn’t eat or drink for up to an hour after use. While you could adopt this as a method to prevent you reaching for a second slice of cake at 3pm, make it easier on yourself by using them just before bed. They’ll have more time to work and you won’t be hanging out to have your next drink of water.

De-chap your lips

Keep your lips well hydrated by gently exfoliating them and applying a nourishing lip balm or oil just before bed. Any dead skin cells get scrubbed off in step one and step two ensures the new cells remain nice and healthy.

Don't forget your feet

They’re not the most glamorous body part but your feet work hard and are well deserving of a little love and attention. Treat or prevent cracked heels by applying a hydrating heel balm just before bed. If it’s a cold night, consider putting socks on to help your feet absorb more of the product and reap more of the benefits.

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