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Spring makeover: bringing good vibes inside

Spring makeover: bringing good vibes inside

25th Aug 2021

Springtime gives nature a fresh face; flowers bloom, trees regain their colour, and a little extra sunshine gives our moods a facelift 

 by @thewhiteshome_ featuring Anatra Bianchina QuiltSogno Qulit Cover & Sheet Set in Carrara White

We’ve got a little cheat sheet on how to bring spring vibes inside to help both your home and mind blossom this spring  

Layer up

Spring is sweet and fresh and all about layering - which is why we like to think of the perfect spring bed as a warm and decadent cake 

The first tier is your mattress protector. The base is essential to support the other layers, and your protector not only guards your mattress from nasties, it makes your bed more breathable 

by @thewhiteshome_ featuring Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector Queen

Your sheets are the delicious filling in your cake  If you opted for flannelette to keep you cosy and dozy during the bitter winter nights, it’s time to transition to something lighter and brighter. We recommend our Sogno collection. Combining the best of Belgian Linen and Cotton, these beauties are buttery soft with a whipped cream texture  - meaning you’ll be sweet on these sheets in no time.

by @thewhiteshome_ featuring Sogno Linen Cotton Queen Sheet Set in Carrara White

For some extra gooey warmth  be sure to style in a muted palette 

 by @thewhiteshome_ featuring Anatra Bianchina QuiltSogno Qulit Cover & Sheet Set in Carrara Whit

Spring brings feelings of balance, warmth and regeneration

To harness these qualities and channel them into your home, opt for subdued whites, browns and creams. These tones add a honeyed  coating to any room, grounding the space by creating a soft and soothing mood. 

The icing on our cake is a quilt  To ensure consistency and prevent the layers beneath from becoming too weighed down, an all-seasons quilt will help you create the ideal spring bed.

by @thewhiteshome_ featuring Anatra Bianchina Quilt

The cherry on top is your pillow  If you’re not gelling with your current neck support, our Gel Top Memory Foam pillow regulates your temperature to keep you comfortable all night long 

by @thewhiteshome_ featuring Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow


Since spring is an in between of warm and cool, we need to find the perfect balance 

Stylish and silky, Alessia bamboo PJs are made of bamboo, which is moisture wicking. Since they’ll keep you cool at night, these babies are perfect for some sweat-free summer lovin  

by @thewhiteshome_ featuring Alessia PJs and Alessia Robe

Soy Joys

Capture the natural bouquet of spring with a delicious-smelling soy candleWe recommend Peaches & Cream for a sweet and citrusy scent that brings to mind freshly blossoming trees  

(OK sure, this might not be the most revolutionary tip, but since revolutions don’t come without tears and bloodshed, it’s a good way to save on design drama )

by @thewhiteshome_ featuring Peaches & Cream Scented Soy Wax Candle

So are you ready to give your bedroom a little spring nip tuck  and smooth out the winter wrinkles? Be sure to share the final result with us @Canningvalelove

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