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The perfect pre-bed wind down

The perfect pre-bed wind down

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 15th Oct 2021

Searching for a nighttime ritual that puts an end to sacrificing sleep (or counting sheep)? 🐑 🌙

Blogger @sarahdehays shows us her bedroom style ✨

Tell us: what does your night-time routine look like?

Pinkquote1I take a long hot bath with my favourite candle burning. This ritual really helps my body relax and clears my mind after a long day. I then wrap my body in a lovely soft robe and my mane in a hair towel as I apply my skincare products. Lastly, I make a hot drink and tuck myself into bed with a good book.

What’s one thing you must have to drift off into a perfect-night’s sleep?

Pinkquote1I love reading before sleeping. I usually start an hour before bedtime to wind down. I also find a diffuser helps to make my space zen.

How have you made your bedroom into a dreamy oasis?

Pinkquote1I use the most comfortable luxe sheets. I also keep furniture to a minimum so my eye is not distracted.

Do you have a secret weapon that helps you get your beauty sleep?

Pinkquote1I have a hot drink, sleep on a silk pillowcase and tie my hair back with a silk scrunchie. They’re smoother on your skin and hair.

Finally: what’s your number 1 tip for getting a good night’s sleep?

Pinkquote1Turn your phone off! I go to bed at 9pm, which means I get at least 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. It’s transformative.

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