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Getting good in bed: how to sleep better, longer and sounder

Getting good in bed: how to sleep better, longer and sounder

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 2nd Jun 2021

We’ve got some tried and tested ways to make your dreams come true in bed.

Tips to take to bed 

- If you’re coming apart at the seams, it might be time for some new bedding. 41.2% of people found that they slept better when they changed their pillow and 20.3% thought their sheets made a big difference.

- If you’re fired up at night and can’t sleep, try lighting a  candle or diffuser to help you relax. Studies have shown that aromatherapy decreases anxiety and emotional stress.

- 29% of people found that limiting screen time before bed flipped the switch on their minds, helping them drift seamlessly off to sleep.

Bamboo bedding is cool and gentle against your skin, making it the perfect bedtime companion for those who get a little hot and bothered at night.

- If you’re hot and sweaty in bed and find this causes bed hair dramas, our BeautySilks pillowcases are not only cool against your skin, they have anti-ageing amino acids that can replenish your hair and skin – literally helping you get your beauty sleep.

- If in the winter months you’re looking to heat things up, flannelette is your go to – it’ll have you feeling warm and fuzzy all through the night.

- For satisfaction and comfort all year long, jump into cotton bedding. Cotton is a natural fiber, so the fabric is lightweight and breathable – meaning it regulates your body temperature.

Broken dreams

Feel like getting a good night’s sleep is a pipe dream? If you wake up 3 or more times a night like ⅓ of our customers, then we totally understand. Interrupted sleep impacts your REM cycle, resulting in concentration issues, increased anxiety and health problems.

Rituals that work like a dream are yoga, meditation, reading, burning your favourite scent and listening to music.

Sleep on it

For optimum sleep, you need a mattress that supports your body type and it should be changed every 10 years. We offer memory foam mattresses as they relieve pressure, are breathable, and are incredibly comfortable for every body type. They also have a 10-year warranty, free shipping, and free returns if you’re not completely satisfied.

Ready to jump into bed with us and have the best bedroom experience of your life? Don’t forget to share your bed styles and rituals with us @canningvalelove

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