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Sleep tips for allergy sufferers

Sleep tips for allergy sufferers

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 3rd Sep 2021

Do your allergies stop you from getting enough sleep? 

No stress. We have some tips to help you get the sweet zzzz of your dreams 

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Pet Project

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If your dog-tired pupperino  and you cat-napping feline  love to share your sheets, they’ll be leaving behind fur and skin cells. This can cause your allergies to flare up  

Creating a pet-free zone in the bedroom will help you sleep sounder 

Pillow Fight

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It’s time for some serious pillow talk 

Things can get a little nasty in bed when bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells take each other on in a pillow fight 

That’s why your relationship with your pillow should never be a lifelong commitment. You need to break up every 2 years and start afresh with a new love who can be more supportive of your needs 

We recommend our microfibre pillowsSince they’re anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and resist dust mites  they’re certainly nothing to sneeze at

Cover all your bases

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If you sound like Darth Vader when you’re sleeping, try out our dream team of allergy-resistant bedding 

Our Alessia Bamboo cotton range, as well as our Lustro 100% bamboo range, are both naturally hypoallergenic and lightweight - meaning they breathe life back into your sleep cycl

Pillow and mattress protectors add another round of allergen resistance, meaning they not only guard your bedding from nasties  they also keep your allergies at bay 

Don't come apart at the seams

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Stress can keep you tossing and turning at night 

This can make your allergies just as restless, inducing further stress that makes sleep a distant dream 

Try creating a relaxing ritual before bed. Meditating, deep breathing exercises and reading can help you slip into sweet dreams 

For some added zen, try burning a candle or diffuser before bedSelecting a specific scent that’s only for bedtime can help your mind recognise that it’s time for sleep. It will also create a soothing ambience so you switch off faster.

Dust yourself off

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Make sure you’ve vacuumed (this includes your mattress) and have dusted off all surfaces in your bedroom, such as bedside tables and headboards. With less allergens in the air  you’ll be able to breathe easier 

Are you an allergy sufferer? Share with us @Canningvalelove how you combat allergens to reap the sleep rewards

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