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What Your Favourite Colour Bedlinen Says About You

What Your Favourite Colour Bedlinen Says About You

Posted by The Canningvale Team on 4th Oct 2019

Do you have a go-to colour for your bedlinen? Even if you think you don’t, it’s likely that you’re naturally drawn to certain colours. These colour choices can reveal a lot about your personality. Find out more about what your favourite colour bedlinen says about you below.


Those who lean towards white bedlinen are often quite independent, love to be organised and prefer a life free from clutter. You are logical and seek out order and structure in all areas of your life, it’s what you’re known for amongst your friends. You’re the one that actually remembers important dates and milestones others tend to forget. You value simplicity and much prefer when things are straight forward.

Fun Fact: White is proven to be the safest colour car to drive as it’s the most visible to other drivers in both daytime and night time. The least safe colour? You guessed it, Black.


If shades of green seem to find their way into your bedroom, then it’s likely that you absolutely love your home and take great pride in it. You do feel the need to be safe and secure in your home so you’re probably careful to lock doors and are a little more alert when you’re home alone. You enjoy hosting because it forms part of your nurturing quality and you love to make sure guests are kept happy whenever they stay with you, even if it means spoiling them with great quality bedding.


Choosing grey bedlinen means that you tend to be indecisive and take a little longer than others to commit to something, however once you do you usually find you’re happy with your choice. You’re often impartial and find that others are always trying to get you to make decisions like what you want for dinner or what movie to watch. You are quite calm and composed and don’t get as flustered as others seem to. You are independent and happy in your own company, but busy crowds make you feel overwhelmed and like you need to retreat to a quiet space.


Often mysterious, those who enjoy purple bedlinen are usually artistic and extremely helpful, although others often struggle to work you out. Purple combines the calmness of blue with the energy of red making it perfect for those in touch with their emotions and even their spiritual side. You often have vivid dreams that are very left of centre. You know your worth and demand respect from others, you are self-assured and ambitious, usually finding it easy to take the role of leader.


Usually cool, calm and collected, those who choose blue bedlinen are known to enjoy peace and tranquillity. You are extremely trustworthy and loyal so you make an excellent secret keeper. You value harmony and inner peace, are sensitive to the needs of others and are an excellent teacher. You uphold a level of integrity and always do the right thing, for example you’d never dream of parking in a disabled space even if you were running late.

Fun Fact: Blue is the worlds most loved colour. Roughly 40% of people say that blue is their favourite. A huge achievement if you think about how many other colours there are.


Red has long been known to elicit intimacy and comfort. Those who love red bedlinen are often known to live life to the fullest, are energetic and enjoy stimulating conversations. You are known to engage each of your senses when it comes to bedlinen and enjoy the feel and sound of materials just as much as how they look. You live a busy, active lifestyle and are always keen for adventure. You thrive on excitement and aren’t afraid of things that get your adrenaline pumping.

Fun Fact: Red is the first colour a baby sees. Infants as young as two weeks old can distinguish the colour red. They don’t usually see a full spectrum of colours until about 5 months.


Lovers of pink bedlinen are often young at heart and long to be loved unconditionally. People often underestimate their strength and intelligence, but they love to fly under the radar and surprise people with their quick wit and humorous nature. You dislike conflict and are most happy when everyone is getting along. You are compassionate and understanding, which often means you have great sympathy for others. You are a romantic at heart and can’t help but tear up at a wedding or during a good rom-com.

Fun Fact: The colour pink suppresses anger and anxiety due to its calming effect. Mental health care organisations have been known to paint their walls pink to control the temper of patients.


If you often choose natural or beige coloured bedlinen you are likely to be down to earth and genuine. You are approachable and sincere, so others often seek you out for your advice. You enjoy physical comfort and would choose soft fabrics over harsh ones. You are quite practical and like to approach situations with logic and precision. You get a huge kick out of solving a problem or riddle and like to challenge others to see if they can do the same.

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